Keith Cherry

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I started playing golf four years ago. Lessons from several different professionals left me with an erratic , lower power, slicing swing. Then I met Rico... over two seasons he has completely transformed my game. I have gained tremendous distance , especially with my irons and I regularly out-drive friends who have been playing golf for a lot longer. The only time I slice the ball now is when I want to hit the fade Rico taught me. In fact, my standard shot is a penetrating draw that looks like the "Pro Tracer" on TV. Rico's magic is simple. He doesn't fill your head with a dozen different mechanical thoughts, rather he gets you to stop thinking so you can unleash your potential. Nowhere was that better seen than on the range at the end of a lesson one day. I challenged Rico to a closest to the pin contest- the target was 145 yards away. We alternated shots, some going over the green, some close to the pin and a few short. Another member walked by and asked , "what iron are you guys using?" Rico replied, "Pitching Wedge." I'll never forget the look on the guys face and the joy I felt knowing that Rico had taken me from a struggling novice to a real player who can hit a wedge with distance and accuracy. Rico was closest to the pin, but in the end, I have been the big winner! Keith Cherry

September 16, 2014