Kevin Sherry

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Like many semi-serious golfers, I suffer from the delusion that I can get better. But if I am being honest with myself, my handicap is right around the same number year after year. Until this year, where I started with a 10 index, went up to an 11 and I am now playing at a 7.7 index, with a course handicap of 9 at Wentworth.  What changed? I went to see Rico. After my first lesson, he helped me find my natural swing and to think more simply about my mechanics. Specifically, if I made a good hip turn and moved to the left side on my follow through, I would make a good swing. I signed up for five lessons with Rico and after lesson two, I was hitting consistently good shots, at least the kind I could find and hit again. Golf became fun. On lessons 3,4 and 5 I challenged Rico to try to fix my short game. I was a head case! In my practice swings, my chipping and pitching stroke looked somewhat normal. The real swing looked as if someone was running electric current through my body. Chunks, bladed balls and near misses abounded in my short game. I was somebody who rooted for a ball missing the green to get in the bunker. Rico was patient with me and changed my stance so that I was more consistent in striking the ball first.  Golf became not as humiliating as before. I was getting up and down and my scores reflected the changes Rico made with me on the practice area, around the green and out on the course. Now I give more strokes than I get. I’m useless as a partner in most events, as I can’t play to my handicap as much as I would like to. But I’m more confident on the course than I have ever been. If you want to get better and have more fun out there, call Rico and have him help improve your game. It worked for me! Kevin Sherry  

September 7, 2016