Peter Panko

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I have known Rico for two years now. I was always hearing what a great teacher he is from several members at Glenmaura National Golf Club on a daily basis. At the age I am and playing golf for 30 years, keeping a ten handicap requires a lot of practice and occasional lesson. The problem i had was the instructor would always want to tear my swing apart to swing like him, which would result in complete disaster. Well, after three weeks of ugly play I decided to give Rico a try. It took about ten minutes of instruction and was not only back on track with my game but amazed how easy Rico achieved it. I had lessons from some of the finest resorts in Florida and Arizona. Rico has a unique way of using your swing and picking up on what you are doing wrong with your swing, not tearing the whole swing apart. That makes it easy to take it to the course instantly. I have never been to anybody like him. He makes it so easy to get back on track. He is by far the best I have ever had and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a tune up or instruction at any level. Peter Panko

September 17, 2014