The golf swing has many different moving parts. The problem that golfers run into is that we are trying to keep an inventory of all these parts. The golf swing last around two seconds. If the mind is thinking of multiple things within that time it will disturb the rhythm of the motion. If I was to give you the command to touch your toes, you would simply take your hands down to your toes and back up. Do you think you would have to think about how to bend from your hips, abduct your shoulder blades or bend your knees? No, you would simply take your hands to your toes. So why can’t the golf swing be that simple. The movement of our hands in the golf swing will trigger an involuntary movement of the body. This will eliminate the need to think about every moving part that’s happening. Next time you are at the driving range or anywhere really, I want you to make a backswing with no club. What you will realize is that the body will move differently. You will notice movement of the knees, hips, torso and shoulders. This is a good thing. Its imperative when making a swing that you are not trying to hold things still. Make a few practice swings with no club and then hit a few balls and i guarantee you will feel more freedom and rhythm in your golf swing.

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