Private Lessons

Rico is a Golf Digest Best Teacher in State and U.S. Kids Top 50 Mastered Coach. He has a style of coaching that is simple but very effective. Rico blends basic teaching methods with new technology which makes a lesson or clinic enjoyable and successful.

Adult Instruction

(60-minutes) Adult Lesson – $150

(30-minutes) Adult Lesson – $75
(60-minutes) Playing lesson – $200
(60-minutes) Couples Lesson – $200

Junior Instruction

(60-minutes) Junior Lesson $100
(30-minutes) Junior Lesson $50
(60-minutes) Playing Lesson $150
U.S. Kids ProgramĀ  – $400

Non-Member Instruction

(60-minutes) Private Lesson $175
(60-minutes) Junior Lesson $125
Flightscope LessonĀ  – $150
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