Golf Experience


One Day Golf Experience 

Are you on this page because your handicap keeps increasing and you’re at a standstill in your game? In the past you were a pretty good player but over the past few years you have noticed… lost of distance, your hips and back hurt after playing, there is no consistency in your game, that one blowup hole sabotaged your round.

We narrow in on the root cause of what is stopping you from playing your best. After coaching thousands of every type of golfer under the sun, I’ve noticed a cluster of problems that are actually blocking you from ever playing your best. After years of doing this there is x number of tweaks that can help make huge improvements.

The good news is, it doesn’t take 6 months or a year. These changes can be made across 2-3 days. That’s exactly why I went deep into the trenches to create this program for golfers like you.

In my initial test golfer Andrew come to me in desperate need for help. Andrew was slicing the ball off the tee, had very inconsistent strikes with his irons, putting was good but not a great wedge player. We adjusted his grip and instantly he saw straighter drives with HUGE distance gains. That new grip and attention to his ball location made a drastic change to how he was striking his irons. Lastly Andrew was not aware of the specific technique he needed to be a master around the greens. After the 3-day experience Andrew went from an 18 handicap to a 13!

We will cover everything from short to long, the 6 inches in-between your ears and a road-map to success. After this school you will feel excited to play and practice.

The biggest thing my clients take away is confidence and the ability to know what they need for continued improvement.

The day will start with an energy fueled breakfast with the Pro. During this time we will talk golf and what our individual goals are for the day.

After a three hour coaching session on the range and short game practice facility using the latest technology, we will break for lunch in the clubhouse.

The afternoon will consist of taking our game to the course to work on strategy and course management. This is a great opportunity to learn from the pro as he plays along side you.

After the round, enjoy a nice night out on the town to celebrate our new and improved golf games!





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