Success Stories

“Thank you for your expert golf instruction at the McCord Golf Academy at Orange Lake . Our game has improved and so has our confidence. You are truly and effective teacher, displaying patience and encouragement . See you next winter.”

Tom & Sally

“This is Ed . I do not know if you remember me, but I was the white haired guy from upstate NY that you gave a couple of lessons to last March. Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you. Those couple of lessons that I took from you totally improved my ball striking. So much so that I purchased a set of Titleist tour blades along with the D3 driver. I practice every day and it really has paid off. My drives are anywhere between 278 and 288yds.. My 3 wood is easily 240 to 250yds.. Irons are maybe 5 to 8 yds longer than average, ie 7 iron about 158yds. consistently. I’ve had my swing speed measured and runs between 103 and 105 mph, so I switched from the Pro v1 to the new NXTs which is a little softer compression and really works better for me. All in all I’m very excited about this coming season, which brings me to the reason that I’m writing you. I am really going to try and bring my game to the next level and would really like to know if you have any dvd’s on improving my short game, bunker play and putting. Any info. that you could provide in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you and Thanks again to you and Mr. McCord !”

Ed Moffe

“You don’t remember me and there is no reason you should. You may remember I asked you ‘how ya hittin em” and you said “couldn’t be better.” Then I told you if it couldn’t be better you would be on the tour. Any way I had a one hour lesson with you on a windy blustery rain threatening morning at 8:00AM on Friday 1/17/12. I want to tell you this, I have been playing golf for a long time and I have spent a good bit of money on golf, buying equipment, taking lessons, etc. The $100.00 I spent with you is the BEST golf investment I have ever made. I am not playing well consistently yet but I am having flashes of pretty good golf and I have no doubt that I am going to get more consistent. I only wish I lived closer so I could learn more from you. When you get discouraged teaching and feel like it is not worth the effort think of me because I’m so glad I had the lesson with you. I hope you are doing well and hitting them long and straight. Regards…”

George Chapin

“I am sorry that I am so late in writing to thank you for the two great lessons that you gave me on Sat, Jan 21 and Sunday Jan 22. They helped me tremendously and enabled me to play well for the rest of my stay in Florida. I am back in Falmouth, Ma and waiting for a warm day to practice my new skills. I wanted to write to tell you how I appreciated our lessons and also to ask that if you are ever up north or visiting your old stomping grounds in NH, I’d love to take a few more lessons. So please keep me on your northern contact list!”

Joan Ratliff

“My two sons did a three lesson package with you. We were extremely pleased with how thing went. The boys learned a lot and look forward to taking the improved swings to the course. You did a great job explaining things to them and working with them on their games. They really enjoyed the time they spent with you.”

Mitch Paliobagis

“I cannot thank you enough for your kindness , patience and the best instruction I have ever received .You are absolutely terrific and I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to have your help. I wished I would have asked more questions what should I practice doing as it is difficult to find someplace to practice in our area. If you come North give me a call, would love to have a few more lessons, have you golf at the Fall River Country Club with us and extend our hospitality to you. You are TRULY THE BEST !!!!!”

Esther Charves

“Rico Riciputi represents a new breed of golf instructors- someone that is very proficient in understanding the golf swing from a mechanical point of view and at the same time being trained in how the mind produces fluid motion in a swing. As an instructor in the Fluid Motion Factor program, he has a thorough understanding of the subtle mechanics that have to occur in the mind in order to play consistent golf. In other words, his instruction represents the best of both worlds, mechanics and mental. If I had a son that wanted to learn the game, I would most definitely send him to Rico for instruction. That’s my highest compliment.”

Steven Yellin, President Fluid Motion Factor Program

“Rico Riciputi is an excellent teacher. He has a way of simplifying his message. He does not try to teach more than one thing at a time. He understands that the golf swing involves both mind and body. I have recently begun to work with Rico and I have seen much improvement. I look forward to continuing to work with him. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in improving their golf game.”

Bob Courtright

“Thanks very much for a most productive day last week. I enjoyed the whole experience, the teaching and the video analysis was excellent and my swing became much more solid and reliable as the day progressed. I’m really looking  to coming back for some short game instruction. I’ve been playing since I was four and learned more in one day than in the previous 60 years. Thanks again!”

Alice Hall

“I have been looking forward to seeing you again this winter at The McCord Golf Academy at Orange Lake. Taking lessons with you last winter has really shown improvement my game this summer! Because your coaching was so simple to understand I am able to remember what to do to maintain good form in my swing.”

Kathleen Burke

“My three lessons with Rico this year has made me more competitive using his techniques on mental preparation and ball striking. He has helped me mentally slow down the pre-shot routine and concentrate only on the next shot. His greatest strength is not trying to take your swing and change it completely. He takes it and makes a few suggestions that you are capable of doing resulting in crisper shots, more consistent ball flight and increased distance.”

Bill Mainwaring

“As a low handicap golfer my only method of improving my game would be through regular golf lessons. Since meeting Rico I have been introduced to the latest golf instruction. I have been working with Rico this past year with his Flightscope launch monitor. This modern technology and instruction not only showed me what my swing looks like, it also provided me with pertinent data that I have never had in the past. With this data Rico was able to make slight adjustments to my setup and swing to help maximize my distance and consistency. I strongly recommend Rico Riciputi and his teaching method to anyone who is interested in playing better golf.”

Ed Gregorczyk

“A friend recommended Rico to me and set up a five series lesson package. I will say it was the best decision I could of made for my son and I. I now have a passion for the game and would play everyday if my schedule and body allowed! The reason I have this passion is because of my swift progression after having taken lessons with Rico. Rico is a great golfer but he is a better teacher. He had all of the skills required to help my son and I make progress. He has a keen eye for the fundamentals of the swing and setup and most of all patience. He taught in a way that was very simple to understand and didn’t give you to much information. I would highly recommend Rico to any new or advanced golfer that is looking to build a more repeatable and consistent golf swing.”

Frank Cunius

“Rico I would like to say thank you for all the help you have given me throughout the past two summers. I am very happy that I chose to do your one-lesson-a-week package at Glenmaura. You were so consistent with your methods and pushed me to practice in order to improve my game. When I came to you for the first time, I was in desperate need of instruction. My shots were never straight or far, and I never could shoot a consistent game. Through our weekly meetings, you worked with me to alter my grip and swing for optimum distance and power. I am now playing so much better and cannot wait to continue my instruction next summer!”

John Cuck

“I started playing golf four years ago. Lessons from several different professionals left me with an erratic , lower power, slicing swing. Then I met Rico… over two seasons he has completely transformed my game. I have gained tremendous distance , especially with my irons and I regularly out-drive friends who have been playing golf for a lot longer. The only time I slice the ball now is when I want to hit the fade Rico taught me. Rico’s magic is simple. He doesn’t fill your head with a dozen different mechanical thoughts, rather he gets you to stop thinking so you can unleash your potential. Nowhere was that better seen than on the range at the end of a lesson one day. I challenged Rico to a closest to the pin contest- the target was 145 yards away. We alternated shots, some going over the green, some close to the pin and a few short. Another member walked by and asked , “what iron are you guys using?” Rico replied, “Pitching Wedge.” I’ll never forget the look on the guys face and the joy I felt knowing that Rico had taken me from a struggling novice to a real player who can hit a wedge with distance and accuracy. Rico was closest to the pin, but in the end, I have been the big winner!”

Keith Cherry

“I have known Rico for two years now. I was always hearing what a great teacher he is from several members at Glenmaura National Golf Club on a daily basis. At the age I am and playing golf for 30 years, keeping a ten handicap requires a lot of practice and occasional lesson. The problem i had was the instructor would always want to tear my swing apart to swing like him, which would result in complete disaster. Well, after three weeks of ugly play I decided to give Rico a try. It took about ten minutes of instruction and was not only back on track with my game but amazed how easy Rico achieved it. I had lessons from some of the finest resorts in Florida and Arizona. Rico has a unique way of using your swing and picking up on what you are doing wrong with your swing, not tearing the whole swing apart. That makes it easy to take it to the course instantly. I have never been to anybody like him. He makes it so easy to get back on track. He is by far the best I have ever had and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a tune up or instruction at any level.”

Peter Panko

“Like many semi-serious golfers, I suffer from the delusion that I can get better. But if I am being honest with myself, my handicap is right around the same number year after year. Until this year, where I started with a 10 index, went up to an 11 and I am now playing at a 7.7 index, with a course handicap of 9 at Wentworth.  What changed?

I went to see Rico. After my first lesson, he helped me find my natural swing and to think more simply about my mechanics. Specifically, if I made a good hip turn and moved to the left side on my follow through, I would make a good swing. I signed up for five lessons with Rico and after lesson two, I was hitting consistently good shots, at least the kind I could find and hit again. Golf became fun.

On lessons 3,4 and 5 I challenged Rico to try to fix my short game. I was a head case!

In my practice swings, my chipping and pitching stroke looked somewhat normal. The real swing looked as if someone was running electric current through my body. Chunks, bladed balls and near misses abounded in my short game. I was somebody who rooted for a ball missing the green to get in the bunker. Rico was patient with me and changed my stance so that I was more consistent in striking the ball first.  Golf became not as humiliating as before. I was getting up and down and my scores reflected the changes Rico made with me on the practice area, around the green and out on the course.

Now I give more strokes than I get. I’m useless as a partner in most events, as I can’t play to my handicap as much as I would like to. But I’m more confident on the course than I have ever been. If you want to get better and have more fun out there, call Rico and have him help improve your game. It worked for me!”

Kevin Sherry

“Rico has made a big difference to my game.  For over 20 years I’d had to manage around a strong draw that too often turned into a destructive hook.  Rounds heading for the 70’s turned into 80’s and I had become frustrated with my inconsistency.  Over the course of 5 lessons Rico has managed to diagnose & correct my alignment and swing issues.  Resulting in a repeatable baby fade and improved ball striking.  I’m hitting more fairways and greens and am excited about my golf for the first time in a while.  I cannot recommend him enough!
I had only planned to take 1 lesson. You were correct to suggest a package. Coming off rotator cuff surgery, I needed a complete makeover. I now have confidence in the complete set of golf clubs. I am hitting the ball longer, straighter and higher. I have had several 9 hole rounds scoring 39 or 40. Friends who I had not played with for a few years could not believe my new form and want to contact Rico for lessons.”

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