As a Teaching Professional I am consistently asked the question how can I get more distance with my driver. There are multiple factors that come into play when trying to achieve this. The first factor is SPEED. How fast are you swinging the golf club?  The second factor is CENTEREDNESS of contact. Are you hitting the center of the club face? The third factor is ANGLE OF ATTACK. Are you hitting DOWN on the golf ball or hitting UP on the golf ball? These three components will separate you from being a poor driver of the golf ball or an excellent one.

When trying to achieve more distance with your driver, remember that speed is not the most important part of the formula. Speed is the factor that is the most difficult to achieve, so trying to swing harder will only create more problems. If you can focus on making changes to increase your CENTEREDNESS of contact , you will see more gains in distance.

The third most important factor is angle of attack. Most likely you are hitting down on the driver, which will create extreme backspin and insufficient launch angles. A long consistent driver of the golf ball will consistently be hitting up on the golf ball opposed to hitting down. In doing this, the golf ball will be launching at better angles with less backspin equaling more distance.

*to achieve a better angle of attack move your ball location more forward in your stance. 

Rico Riciputi, PGA




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